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It has been determined that the LLC will utilize cash basis accounting for U.S. federal tax and all other accounting purposes. Consequently, no corporate tax return is required for the calendar year ended December 31, 2008. In future years, shareholders will receive a K-1 and report any allocated income or loss on the shareholders' tax return. But no K-1s will be required for calendar year 2008 taxpayers.

About Us

TMLN Royalty LLC (TMLN) was established as a vehicle to facilitate the liquidation of Timeline, Inc. Timeline, Inc., was a corporation previously traded under the NASDAQ symbol TMLN and which, as of December, 2008, had distributed all of its remaining assets to its shareholders with the exception of certain patents and cash. Cash retained is intended to fund TMLN Royalty LLC's limited operations solely for the purpose of meeting any unknown remaining liabilities of Timeline, Inc; compliance with regulatory requirements (including tax compliance); and to support ongoing efforts to license the patents. TMLN was also assigned Timeline, Inc.'s rights under an agreement (the Agreement) with an entity controlled by Acacia Research Corporation (Acacia). Acacia Research Corporation is traded under the NASDAQ symbol ACTG.

Under the Agreement, Acacia has certain rights and responsibilities to actively pursue licensing of the TMLN patents and, after covering allowed expenses, to retain 50% of net licensing revenue while dispersing the remaining 50% of net fees to TMLN. There can be no assurance that any net licensing fees will be forthcoming. However, any fees received by TMLN over and above expenses are intended to be distributed to the TMLN shareholders.

Since TMLN is organized as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), each unit holder is required to include on its tax return its share of income and expense as reported by the LLC during each calendar year while in existence. Units in TMLN may not be transferred without the agreement of the LLC manager, T Management, Inc. The shares are not publicly traded and any transfer is intended to be limited to provide for transfers necessary in estates, etc. T Management, Inc. monitors this website, and the sole method of communicating with it or TMLN is via

Timeline, Inc., had been at the forefront of developing unique solutions in the software industry since 1977. This allowed it to accumulate a significant portfolio of United States and foreign patents. On August 31, 2005, Timeline sold the operating assets of its software licensing, maintenance and consulting business to focus solely on licensing its patent portfolio.

The patent portfolio consists of 'pioneer' patents in the automation of data mart production. The 'pioneer' label rightfully implies the ideas embodied therein have been instrumental in fostering a new industry niche; i.e. by making the production of data marts and warehouses practical and cost effective. As such, Timeline's patents have application in many fields, not just the financial analytics niche representative of Timeline's historical software operations. To date, we have licensed Relational and OLAP Database Management System providers (Microsoft, Oracle, Hyperion); Customer Relationship Management software providers (Broadbase [now KANA], Sagent [now Group One]); ERP system providers (Lawson); as well as traditional analytic software providers (Noetix, SRC, Cognos, Crystal [now Business Objects], Global Software).

We encourage all providers and users of data marts, dynamically produced data warehouses, and meta data to review the information provided. We hope this information will allow for compliance and foster a desire to utilize the technology to improve existing and future generations of software.

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