TMLN Royalty LLC


13-March-2015: TMLN Royalty LLC recently sold its entire patent portfolio for cash. TMLN Royalty LLC was formed in 2008 to facilitate the liquidation of Timeline, Inc. TMLN Royalty was established to take title to, comply with prior patent license agreements, and to pursue further licensing of the then Timeline patent portfolio. The sale of the patent portfolio allows TMLN Royalty to now liquidate and distribute any monies held after meeting or providing for all remaining obligations. The undisclosed purchaser is a widely held public technology product company.

Based upon current estimates, we expect to distribute cash of approximately 16 to 21 cents per share in the third quarter of calendar 2015. The remaining tasks to be performed prior to making liquidation distributions that will require the most elapsed time are the preparation and distribution of federal and multiple state tax returns for both 2014 and 2015. The 2014 K-1s should be mailed during March. We expect to distribute the K-1s for 2015 tax reporting with the final distribution payments.

We will also make a final attempt to identify the beneficial owners of many shares of TMLN Royalty held in street name. If you own shares in street name, please contact your custodian and ask that it provide us with the correct information needed to properly match ownership with tax reporting.

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